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Common Questions

To make your next project as stress-free as possible, I’ve put together an extensive list of questions and answers to lay out the information you must know before we start working together. If you still have questions, contact me for more info.


What steps you are taking to protect your workers and customers from Covid19?

We conduct health screenings each morning at the beginning of the day.  We are providing masks and sanitizing wipes to help keep our customers and workers safe.

Can you give us a ballpark estimate for roof replacement?

We are happy to provide you with a written estimate for your roof.  This will provide you with much more accurate information.  We keep our estimates for updating at a later date as well.

Why do I need a written estimate?

Roofing work is expensive.  Be sure to get a written estimate.  If you don't understand anything in the estimate, find a family member or friend that can help you with clarification on the scope and details of the project.  We provide a written estimate for the work to be performed and will be asked to sign it and return it to get your project on the schedule.

Why is the cost of our roof so expensive?

Our workers are our employees.  They are covered by our commercial general liability coverage and our workers compensation insurance.  Most of our workers are enrolled in our group health insurance program and retirement program.  Our workers receive training in best roofing practices, CPR and first aid training, and manufacturer's training programs.  We are a licensed residential builder in the State of Michigan.

How long will my roof last?

Most roofs last between 15 and 30 years.  The quality of the installation is a very important factor.

What warranties are provided for the new roof?

The manufacturers provide limited lifetime materials warranties, along with Sure Start Protection.  Brooks Roofing Company provides a four year workmanship warranty.  The manufacturer also offers extended warranties.

How do we know the quality of the roof we will be receiving?

Check the company's references, and ask if the roofing company uses sub-contractors.  We are happy to provide you with references.

Do we accept credit cards?

We accept checks and payments from Google Pay.   The transaction fees associated with credit cards are expensive.

How can I get the moss, lichen and black stains off my roof?

Roof cleaning causes damage to roofs.  We recommend moving the closest trees as far away as you can from the roof.  Cleaning will be a temporary solution.

Why it's important to keep your gutters cleaned out?

Clean gutters will carry the water away from the roof and house more quickly and make it less likely for the water to get into the house.  We recommend cleaning gutters twice each year, in late spring after the trees are leafed out, and in the late fall after the leaves have come off the trees.

Do you need to shovel your roof due to snow?

Living in an area where it is common to see over one hundred inches of snowfall annually, roofs should be monitored for excessive accumulations of snow.  We are not structural engineers, but we are happy to help with careful snow removal.

What should we do to prepare for the beginning of roof work?

There will be a significant amount of vibration and hammering during the roof replacement.  Please be sure to put fragile things away and cover up the room if there is an open ceiling (You can see the roof board from inside the house).

Why is ventilation is important?

Ventilation helps keep our attic cooler in the summer and the winter.  This helps extend the life of the shingles, helps reduce ice buildup in the winter and keep the house cooler in the summer.  It also helps remove any moisture from condensation occurring in the attic area.

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